Friendship United Methodist Church
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Loving God, loving people, serving the world.


Serve Our Church

Serve within the walls of Friendship through Worship, congregational care, connectional ministries, and much more.

Serve Our Community

See how you can get involved in the many service opportunities Friendship supports in our local community.


Serve Our World

Learn how you can get involved in mission work all around South Carolina, our nation and our world.

 Click the links to learn more about ways you can serve.

Serve in Worship

There are many ways you can serve God during the worship hour, through song, prayer, communion server, acolytes.

Serve Financially

Supporting your church with your finances is simply returning to God what is God's already. It is truly an act of worship. We are challenged to be generous, even as God is generous with us. If God is first in your life, how will you show that with your finances?