Friendship United Methodist Church
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Loving God, loving people, serving the world.
My first Sunday at Friendship was the last Sunday of June 2013. I stood before the congregation wondering what the people here were like.  Since that time I have learned that we are people who know that we are on a journey with God.  We offer many Bible studies to help us understand God and God’s plan and desires for us individually and collectively. We worship God on Sunday mornings using what we have termed “blended worship”. This means we use some contemporary music, some traditional music and combinations of the two.  We are blessed with two praise teams and six worship leaders who guide our worship each week. Most Sunday’s we don’t use much liturgy and other Sundays we use more liturgy. We strive to be led by God’s Spirit as we plan each service, knowing it is a gift we offer to God and which at the same time God uses to feed and nourish the persons who gather here.
I worked eight years as a registered nurse before surrendering to God’s call to serve as an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. During the time of searching for God’s plan I perceived that God was calling me to minister to those who are sick in spirit – who are calling out to God but know that they have not yet arrived at being all that God created them to be. Friendship is a wonderful place to fulfill that call because Friendship strives to nurture and encourage people through times of struggle, doubt, pain and hopelessness and we celebrate with those who are celebrating God’s blessings in their lives. If you don’t know anything about God please don’t let that keep you away from Friendship.  We will be glad to journey with you as you seek God.  You are welcome here at Friendship.
                                                                                                                                    Pastor Nellie